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When Choosing a Mentor, Think Big

Monday, January 25th, 2010


Ok, the following is definitely a general statement and relies on stereotypes in a business organization; but, hear me out. In a business organization: the people   under you look up and point at you; the people at your level are trying to push you down so they can pass you; and the people above you are trying to pull you up. Think about it, your subordinates or others below you on the organization chart see you as their boss and might very well blame you for their own situation. You can never really count on them to give you a completely honest answer since their agenda includes gaining favor with you. Your peers might very well view you as a threat or, at least, someone who might edge them out in the future. Only the people above you on the chart are typically not threatened by you, but rather see your progress and production as a reflection of their own management success. So, who do you want as a mentor; someone above you, of course. How do you get them to become a mentor to you? You show them that you are worthy, respect them and ask them for their advice. Help them in their job and they will appreciate it. (more…)